Download RetroArch

Download Cores

download iReSign

git clone

move files

$ unzip
$ unzip *  
$ mkdir Payload  
$ mv Payload
$ mv *.dylib Payload/

code sign cores.

$ cat codesign


CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="iPhone Developer: Firstname Lastname (XXXXXXXX)"

codesign -fs "$CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY" $BUILD_PATH/Payload/\*.dylib

$ ./codesign

archieve RetroArch.ipa

$ zip -r RetroArch.ipa Payload

resign RetroArch.ipa use


  1. Drag your RetroArch.ipa file to the first box, or use the browse button.
  2. Drag your RetroArch.mobileprovision to the second box, or use the browse button.
  3. Select modify ID, input the to the fourth box.
  4. Select full certificate name from Keychain Access, for example “iPhone Developer: Firstname Lastname (XXXXXXXXXX)” in the bottom box.
  5. Click ReSign! and wait. The resigned file will be saved in the same folder as the original file.

install RetroArch.ipa use iTunes

  1. Donnection you iPhone to iTunes.
  2. Drag your RetroArch-resigned.ipa to iTunes in App tab.
  3. Click Synchronization.

copy games

  1. Open iFunBox app.
  2. Drag game to your iPhone -> shared -> RetroArch folder.

play game

  1. oepn RetroArch on your iPhone.
  2. select Core Selection -> App -> modules -> xxx.dylib.(ex. fcemu_libretro_ios.dylib).
  3. select Load Content -> Home -> Document ->

set gamepad

  1. if you have a GamePad. Connect it use Bluetooth.
  2. click top- middle left to stop the game.
  3. select setting -> Input Settings -> User 1 B to config your GamePad.
  4. bind other key.
  5. if need setting -> Input Settings -> Slow motion -> Clear Keyboard.
  6. select left top button resume to resume game.

enjoy game