Mouse Recorder for Mac

When I start make Podcast for iOS Development, I think about how should I do.

  1. Podcast host, Done!
  2. Blog, Done!
  3. Code Host, Done!
  4. Video, Maybe!

If I Recorded video, I want to show the Control Key.

so I do an ugly thing like this

Now, I find a good software [Mouseposé 3][].

I also want to build a software that can recorder what I do.

  • First, It can record Keyboard type.

  • Second, It can record Mouse position/click or What I’m doing.

I am afraid there is no time (Capacity is not enough) to do.

Recently, I found a good software

Mouse Recorder for Mac

It like the MacOS build in software Automator (write applescript code).

I use it several time, vim? no problem. It does not seem to recognize the double click.

Finally, I think Mouse Recorder is better than Mouse Recorder for Mac.

The mouse not alwayse go to the Correct position. I must use vim mode and shortcut key when I want to record video.

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